Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hebrew Michve Alon for me

To anybody who might be reading this blog, firstly I apologise for the big break between this post and the previous one. These past few weeks have been taken up primarily with preparations for my Hebrew test, to make sure I don't have to go to Michve Alon (army ulpan). I have probably never studied this hard for anything in my life, and it payed off - I do not have to go to Michve and my draft date is quickly approaching.

So what happened today in the test? I was told to get there for 10.30, and being my mother's son, and a Brit, I headed out early and arrived at the Lishkat Giyus at about 9am. In true IDF style, my test was in fact at 9.30, not 10.30. Thank God for my British upbringing.

The first part of the test was verbal, and I had to answer two questions in a minimum of five sentences. The first was "where is your favourite place in Israel?" and the second was "where would you like to live after the army?". Being slightly nervous, my answers were more like open-ended ramblings. But still, she seemed to like them.

Next came the comprehension part. I was given three sentences, in extremely difficult Hebrew, to read and explain in my own words. Even Israelis have trouble understanding them, so I was pleased that at least the second sentence I understood and was able to explain (I could tell by her smile that my explanation of the third sentence was way off target).

The third and final section was written. I was given incomplete sentences that I had to complete with a minimum of 3 words. For the first one I probably wrote about a third of a page. Again I got some laughs from the examiner which always helps. Then, after a long wait while she checked my answers with her commander, I was told that I had passed. I had worked for weeks towards this moment, and it had payed off. 

So now I am waiting for my Manila. The Manila is the form in which you fill out your preferences. The draft date for the unit I want, which PG I will get, is on the 20th. So I now have 20 days in which to enjoy freedom before the real exciting times begin!